House hunting and Days Out!

House Hunting

We chose this area for a few reasons.

The first and main reason is without doubt the area itself. Being known as the "Garden of France" is no accident! The area has been chosen by the royals for centuries due to its brilliant climate. Rarely to hot in the long summers (though we have known temperatures of 40+) and rarely "that" cold in the shorter winters. It really is the best of both worlds.

The second was having people we knew here, it no doubt makes a difference to moving to another country to have people nearby that you know! 

The third was my love of classic cars! Okay, the Classic Le Mans is only every 2 years, but WOW, the buzz here at that time is amazing! Throughout the summer, there are often Classic car club meets and drives through the amazing countryside and visiting some of the amazing Châteaux. 

We have now successfully helped many others find properties and set up business or just a holiday homes in this area. Many find this helpful as I am living here and can do a lot of the leg work and obviously speak French and know the ins and outs of the buying process here in France. 






La Flèche Zoo

Originally opened as a private enterprise back in 1946, the Zoo de la Flèche is a must see.

With over 1500 animals of a hugely diverse variety, they have specialised in the breeding of endangered species with great success.

They are also now famous as the first zoo to offer the opportunity of staying in a lodge within various differing animal enclosures, though limited and at a price!


Marçon Lake

A 50 hectare (125 acre) lake complete with its own man made beach and swimming area (lifeguards during July & August), Marçon offers a lovely day at the beach feeling. They have a brilliant little food and drink cabin who even offer evening meals (high season).

Along with bathing, the lake offers sailing, windsurfing, canoes, archery, pedaloes a kayak down the Loir and much more. 

During August, they also have a brilliant Classic car show weekend.






Travel through 800 years of History at the Château de Clos Lucé - Leonardo da Vinci's Home

During the middle age (1214 – 1417) the domain belongs to the Amboise family, who gave the land of Cloux as a gift to the religious Cistercian order of Moncé, an abbey founded in Limeray, under the protection of the lords of Amboise.

The saga of this pink bricks and freestone domain, built over gallo-roman foundations, begins under the reign of Louis XI, in 1471. Given by the king to his favourite Etienne le Loup, an ennobled kitchen man, the Château du Cloux was surrounded by fortified walls. The place is then bought by Charles VIII on July the 2nd 1490 to become the summer residence of the kings of France.

The king turns the fortress into a pleasure castle and builds an oratory, true jewel of the gothic architecture, for his wife Queen Anne de Bretagne. The young duke of Angoulême, future king Francis I, spends a lot of time in this château.

At the end of the XVII century, the Château du Clouxis named Château du Clos Lucé. It’s recovered by the Amboise Family who saves it from destruction during the revolution, and then, in 1854, it becomes part of the Saint Bris Family.

Stroll around the Clos Lucé and discover many of Leonardo da Vinci's inventions YEARS ahead of there time! A walk in the garden and you even find full size, working representations of his drawings!